#Coffee Talk on the two sides of yourself

I always battle with: How much do I reveal about myself? How do I keep my humility? How do I keep my spirit and the reality? And how do I continue to be generous to — to my fans and to my craft? And how do I stay current? But how do I stay soulful? And it is the battle of my life.


It’s 1:04 am and I still haven’t found my sleep. I’ll regret it when sunrise arrives, for sure; with (at least) 2 cups of strong Puerto Rican coffee. Yet, this is the part of me that cannot go to sleep unless it gets her thoughts out, and I am still learning to accept her.

During this new moon weekend, I was showing the usual side of me, which is the woman that is a workaholic and doesn’t know when to stop. She is loud, headstrong, funny and always speaks her mind. I’ve lived with that woman for years; she has kept me alive and ready more than once. Yet, the one that writes this posts is the woman I rarely let others see. She is extremely shy and insecure, but bossy and pushy when wanting something.

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