#CoffeeTalk …on wanting to quit, but feel you can’t

Quit: (1) to leave (a place), usually permanently, (2) resign from (a job), (3) stop or discontinue (an action or activity), (4) to rid of…

I quit on a job twice in my career. The first time was sad because I loved working there. The second time I was very anxious because I couldn’t wait to leave. Yet, I do not regret either of the decisions made. However, everyone associates the word ‘quit’ with career-based actions. But, what about quitting people, habits, and situations? You might say is not the same. Wrong. And that it isn’t harder than letting go of a job. Wrong again. But, being in a relationship or having a bad habit is not a job. Wrong the 3rd time. But, being in an uncomfortable situation is not a job. According to you

Just because these things have an emotional tag on them, doesn’t mean that we have not ‘worked hard’ to keep them in our lives. 

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