Tarot Reading Services

‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.


A Pagan practitioner and a tarot reader for almost 15 years, I love explore topics of mysticism and esoteric practices in my blog posts, as well as honoring my spiritual roots. With the following tarot and oracle readings, I offer these healing services through video chat platforms like ZOOM, WhatsApp, Instagram Private Video Chat and Facebook Messenger Chat, in both English and Spanish.

Feel free to look at each one and choose the reading that calls to you. For Puerto Rico residents payment can be made through ATH Móvil. For US residents, payment can be made through Pay Pal. 

$ 38.00 per hour

Three Card Reading

Mostly used to view recent past, present and possible future, this reading can also help us to see a broad spectrum of one question or three questions answered with each card.

$38.00 per hour

Moon Oracle Reading

Throughout history, the Moon has been a symbol of femininity and emotional balance. Its strange energy affects our psyche and our spiritual sense of self. Through this reading we tap into those strong traits of yourself to unlock hidden feelings and heal deep emotional wounds.

$44.00 per hour & 1/2

The Key Tarot Reading

A ancient symbol of the crossroads, t is often said that you are the key to your destiny. Through this reading we will use this symbol as a way to open hidden truths, meanings or messages that allow you to see what really goes on in and around you

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