Client Portfolios

As a virtual sales and marketing assistant, I do various tasks. The vast majority of them relate to creating content for your social networks, billing documents, simple logo creation, template documents, e-mail newsletters, promotional flyers. Here are some real examples of the work I do.

Brenda Soulfire

Brenda A. Mari Rossi is an Energy Healer, Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and Soulbiz Brand & Content Strategist.

As a a girl boss herself, Brenda knows how time-consuming can running your own business be. Like me, she loves the purpose of teamwork and effective communication. Through our virtual meetings we catch up on our tasks and delegate with such ease. Her look and feel is “frying and eating” as she says; being simple, but present with colors that complement her bold and magical nature.

Fae Muse Design

Fae Muse Design Shoppe is owned by Puerto Rican artisan, Rodrigo Liquet. He is also a certified Tarot Master and Astrologist. Because he is an artist, Rodrigo likes to be present in every management decision and creative design.

His look and feel is to embrace femininity and spirituality in his art. Thus, we created a simple but artistic style that went with his aesthetic.


7ochosiete is a clothing brand owned and operated by Puerto Rican locals, inspired by the coasts of the Island and the beach life.

Turquoise Coffee mainly created their new logo and look and feel for their posts, in accordance with what they need.


CANVAUsed marketing content such as: social media posts design, FB & Twitter headers, logo creation, marketing presentations, invoices with a specific look and feel, resume creation, promo flyers, etc.
Google DocumentsUsed to share documents and work on them simultaneously, mainly documents on Word/Docs format, Excel/Spreadshets and Power Point/Presentation, as well as Google Forms.
Microsoft OfficeUsed as editing option for Google Documents upload. Although, this can be used as the main operating system to create letterhead templates, invoices, reports, and presentations.
Basecamp & Asana*Project management software.**Used for web designing, email newsletter design and schedule, blog posts design and schedule.

*I also have a small knowledge of, if that’s the project management software you use
**I can also work with WorkPress, thou Squarepace I still have little to no knowledge of.