My alma mater was books, a good library…. I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.


Hola, I’m Jennifer, creator and owner of Turquoise Coffee. I created this blog in November of 2018 out of my love for books, coffee and my favorite color. I started blogging my poetry in 2002, but in later years (after creating and deleting countless blogs) I became fond of writing book reviews. I still share it every now and then, but recently I’m sharing my thoughts on topics that matter to me through my #CoffeeTalks posts.


  1. I am born, raised and currently (still) living in my beautifu Puerto Rico
  2. I speak, read and write both English and Spanish fluently
  3. I’m a September/Virgo babe
  4. I love every music genre, but my go-to type is R&B & folk pop
  5. My favorite books are When Autumn Leaves by Amy Foster, The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker and La Casa de Los Espíritus by Isabel Allende
  6. My love for coffee started when I began working in the hospitality field
  7. I am obsessed with libraries and bookshelves
  8. I’ve been a Pagan practitioner for almost 15 years & I’m currently the spiritual leader of a Pagan group
  9. I’ve write poetry since I was 13 years old in both of my native languages
  10. I’ve been a hospitality event professional for 10 years.

With Turquoise Coffee I want to share my writing skills and a few of my favorite things. Even though there are thousands of other amazing blogs out there that write book reviews, feel free to stop on mine, leave a comment or share my content; hoping you’ll feel inspired and happy to have read my blog posts.

All the love, Jen