Keeping it together in the middle of uncertainty

There is no doubt in any of our minds that this year has been powerful, eerie, painful, uncertain, eye-opening, and all-around ever-changing. If 2020 taught me anything is that we are responsible for our own actions, thoughts, feelings; the results of those (or rather, the consequences) can be seen immediately or later on.

I was laid-off from my job twice this year. In the first 3 months of quarantine, I looked at it as a much-needed vacation; thinking that I would be back soon. I’m pretty sure we all felt that way. Yet, as the months kept passing by, not only did I saw the world outside me change drastically…but the world close to me also changed in a snap.

Social injustice was faced in all corners of the world, and in all areas. Relationships were tested, and so was our sanity, our ability to take care of ourselves, and others. Our automatic mode of surviving was boiling up ready to explode and let it all fall. And it did fall; it’s still falling.

How do we cope with that? How do we “keep-it-together”? How do we face uncertainty?

Many have walked out of their comfort zone and tried new things. Some of us (like myself) ventured into dreams they didn’t know existed or saw it as a far-away goal. Others changed their lifestyle, their eating habits, their spiritual beliefs, their ideals, as well as their mental and emotional awareness. Many are still in denial and cannot see how harmful they are being towards themselves, and others. While some are still in a shocking mood, unable to grasp what is really going on and moving forward in their survival mode mechanism.

We have seen how complex the human mind is. We are destructively prevailing, but our mighty need to lift ourselves up can help us overcome any adversity. The human spirit is weak AND strong at the same time. I believe it is this duality that allows us to tackle even the most difficult of moments. Kind of like when we do laundry. We put all the dirty clothes on the floor piled up, and it is an absolute mess; but then, we organize them into colors or textures to clean them up slowly. We know that, sometimes, in order to keep things together everything else has to fall apart.

Maybe this is the trick, maybe not. Because we are so different, we channel things in different ways. But one thing is certain: if this year has taught us anything is that change is inevitable, and always, always necessary. Without it…we don’t evolve.

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