Black, like my coffee

Happy New Moon, Gemini Season, Freya’s Day, and World Goth Day! Phew! Lots to celebrate today all in the name of the powerful dark.

The concept of darkness is one of the most misunderstood because it is ugly, in your face and cruel. Yet, for some of us (especially those in the mystic arts), darkness also symbolizes enlightenment, the overcoming of challenges, the opportunity of vulnerability, and the beauty of silence and emptiness. With this said, we start the season with Gemini, the first of the air signs and one who understands duality better than anyone.

Ruled by the intellectual and sometimes conflicted planet of Mercury, Geminis can carry both light and darkness in their personalities. Sadly, this makes them the butt of bipolar jokes (which some DO battle) and/or not being liked by anyone. Geminis teach us we all have good and bad; one cannot live without the other even if they are in constant war. During this new phase of the moon (also under this sign) let us deal with that chaos, because it is in the absence of light where we truly see, we truly learn and we truly love. Especially ourselves; and no, it ain’t bubble baths and massages.

Today is Freya/Venus day, goddesses of love, war, wealth, and magic. Let the energy of this day teach you to embrace all that; be like goths and witches! Often misunderstood, bullied and cast-off, goths have the bravery to show what we don’t want to see; what we consider ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘weird’. And besides, my grandmother always says that black is the color of elegance. Which is a color also worn by witches and mystics, who have the ability to walk in both the physical world and the spiritual world (light and dark).

So in honor of today, I drink my coffee black. Black like my skin, like my mind, like my soul, like my witchcraft.


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